Mommy and whine

Ever see those moms that walk around with a small baby in a baby Bjorn or a stroller and offer them a play-by-play narration of whatever it is their doing?

“Should we get the lettuce or the spinach? Spinach is really good for us! It will make us strong!” “look at that big red apple! It looks delicious”

I can’t decide if I find these moms exceedingly irritating or if I’m jealous of them. Clearly they are such good mothers that they are willing to humiliate themselves in public because they think they are stimulating their baby’s brain.

Actually, I think I just decided.

wine bottles

What’s the deal with yoga pants mom uniform?

First of all most people do not look good in them and secondly if moms were to have a uniform it would not be yoga pants. It would be cargo pants! Moms need pockets.

Throw in a Marc Jacobs tool-belt/ fanny pack and you got yourself a mom uniform!


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